As Clark Griswold says in 'Vacation', "I'm hungry enough to eat a sandwich from a gas station". Thanks to NH Chronicle, we can see the BEST place to do just that.



You'll find this place inside the Mobil station at 566 Mast Road in Goffstown.

They also have a website which I had to check out to see if I was hallucinating. I believe I saw a 'Mozz on Mozz Double Burger With Bacon'.

This appears to be a sandwich that has two filet of fish sized square slices of mozzarella cheese instead of hamburger buns.


Alas, it wasn't on the website menu so it may be a 'not so' secret item. Hey, if I make the trip over there, I can be assured of getting a cheeseburger plate for just SIX BUCKS.

The online reviews consistently proclaim that the gyros are out of this world.

I think I'll be making the 59 minute sojourn to Goffstown VERY soon.