During the lockdown, we don’t get to see the girl scouts with their tables outside the local market waiting to impart their delicious cookies to us.  I don’t know about you, but those Thin Mints DO NOT MAKE ME THIN, but I can’t resist them.

A Plymouth Girl Scout did not let the lockdown deter her from her cookie-selling goal.  Not only did she sell a lot of cookies, but she also made a goal of selling them to someone in all 50 states, according to reporting by WMUR.com.

Sophia Hammond is only 9 but her age did not stop her.  With the help of Facebook videos and lots of family members she finally achieved her goal by selling a box to the last state on her list, Delaware, according to the news station.

Sophia tells WMUR.com “Some of the states were easier because we had family that always buys cookies, but some of the states were a lot harder because we had to get to other people to ask the people in different states.”

I don’t think I could even recite the 50 states when I was 9, but I bet Sophia is going to be a whiz at American geography have set this goal for herself.

In case you are interested, Sophia is still selling Girl Scout Cookies until March 22.  What a cool challenge and learning experience and she didn’t have to stand out in the freezing cold.

Last year I ran into a table of Girls Scouts selling cookies in front of a fitness center.  That is brilliance.



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