This morning, Aaron and I spoke with Governor Chris Sununu.  Here are the highlights of the conversation:

Did He Hear the Explosion in Kingston From His House?

No, he didn't, however all his neighbors heard it.  It's the talk of his hometown of Newfields.  He said that he's used the explosive before that they used and 80 pounds of the stuff is just crazy.  He said this was the kind of story you hear about in Florida, not NH.  haha!

He Lets the Doctors Handle the Questions About COVID-19

When Aaron asked about his press conferences, he said that he has an amazing team here in NH and Dr. Daly is a fantastic, strong part of his support team.  She is able to answer any questions about COVID-19 or the vaccines, side effects, etc.

What About the Rye Harbor Lobster Pound staying open

Originally, when we set up this call, I wanted him to explain what happened with the Rye Harbor Lobster Pound.  He said he couldn't put them out of business, that's not "the New Hampshire way."  There are things that need to be worked out with the Town apparently, but they now have a year to do so.  The owner of the place put his life savings into it, so it's safe for now.  We talked about going over there for a lobster roll or chowdah.

When Will He Buy Us Lunch?

This past Christmas, we brought the Governor pies from the Madbury Church and he loved them, especially the blueberry, so he totally owes me a lobster roll.  Also, I can't get lunch without Train getting one too, so... cough up, Gov.

Where Can I Hear the Interview if I missed it?

Glad you asked.  You can hear more hard-hitting questions on the Shark's Broadcast Podcast.  Just click here.

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