NH Governor Chris Sununu was on the Shark Morning Show with Sarah & A-Train this morning.

In case you missed it, he talked about how people should take precautions with the virus, however, he doesn't want people to panic.

Also, UNH services will be open if students want to come back to campus after Spring Break, but students should take classes online if they've traveled to a place that has more than 100 cases diagnosed.

He also asked people to be smart and if they feel the need to "social distance" themselves to others, they, of course, can do that as well.

The Governor said that the vast majority of people who actually do get COVID-19, will recover and be back to work.  NH does not have the widespread numbers that other parts of the country do have.

I think the Governor was trying to convey that people should use common sense when making life decisions for themselves.  Of course, wash your hands!

In case you missed his State of the State address for 2020, check it out here:

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