Live free, and let us keep our 'iconic' exit numbers!

Recently, Massachusetts joined the list of states who will change their exit numbers. Transportation officials said the new exit numbers allow drivers to know the number of miles they've driven and how many they have left to their destination more easily. By 2022, they'll no longer be in sequential order. Most every other state has adopted this format. A few holdouts like Rhode Island, Vermont, and oh yeah....New Hampshire are still hanging onto the old system.

On the heels of that news, WWNHD?

They won't, if New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has his way. In a Tweet, the Republican blasted "Washington bureaucrats" who want the state to acquiesce with most of the country. "I don't know about you, but I love the fact that I grew up as an Exit 3 kid in Salem. Exit numbers are a point of pride for some of us in NH."

He then continued that the state receives "the lowest level of federal highway funding of ANY state." According to US News, even with Federal funding for the change, Sununu says the state would have to pay $1 million for renumbering

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