This morning, a friend of mine posted on her Facebook page that she was in love with a hedgehog.  Upon further clicking, it didn’t take long before I, too, was in love with a hedgehog.  Specifically, one named “Azuki.”

Azuki is an internet sensation!  His owners like to dress him up in various costumes for any occasion you can possibly imagine.  They even photograph Azuki sleeping or getting a backrub.  I have come to realize that a hedgehog is possibly the world’s cutest creature.  I mean, check this out.

Can you stand it?

I had to find out if I could have a hedgehog of my very own.  With a few clicks of the mouse, behold, the Hamor Hollow in Pelham, NH. 

If you want to bring a hedgehog in to your home, you’ll have to answer a few questions.  On the Hamor Hollow website, there is a questionnaire that you’ll have to fill out.  You may or may not be a fit for the cutest creature on God’s green Earth.

If you do end up adopting a hedgehog, please let me know cuz, I'm coming over!

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