Only six NH hickory nuts foraged from a tree that normally has hundreds and ALL of them are rotten? Who is to blame for this? The answer is easy.

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I'm not a forest ranger but I do play one on the radio from time to time and I have to think that this unprecedented overpopulation of squirrels has to be the cause of this.

If their dead bodies can be found every few feet on our roadways, just think about how many of them are out there fighting for every last hickory nut in existence?

Much like the original scenario in Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', squirrels are able to instantly determine if a nut is 'bad'. I'm sure it must be through weight though I've never read the scientific explanation of this phenomenon.

Instead of the best snack on the planet to enjoy along with Red Sox World Series games, THIS is why I'm sitting here with 'nuttin'.

Damn squirrels!

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