When I go up to Maine on 95 North, I see the signs for the 75 MPH speed limit and I think as I'm already going 75, "gee, that's good.  Maybe I can go 80."  I mean....

Here in NH, there is a bill in the NH House that is proposing the speed limit be increased on some highways.

NH House Bill 628-FN proposes that the speed limit be changed from 70 to 75 MPH from mile marker 45, just outside of Concord, to the Vermont border.

Also, if I'm reading the bill properly, other highway speed limits are suggested to go from 55 to 60, 65 to 70 and the aforementioned 70 to 75.

The NH State Representative that sponsored this bill, Josh Yokela, is from Fremont.

I'm no legislator, but it would seem to me that if people are already going 75 MPH, when safe of course, then why not increase the speed limit?

I used to have quite a lead foot.  I have learned that I really don't get to my destination any time sooner than if I actually stuck to the speed limit, but I had to pay a lot of tickets before that lesson finally sunk in.  Sometimes, I still have to be reminded, despite all the tickets I've received.  One of my sisters calls my car, "Sarah's Flying Machine."  I thought I was being careful when other people were in the car with me, but maybe I should watch the speed again.

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