In order to appropriate the funds for Full-Day Kindergarten, the NH House has voted for a State run Keno game. I can't tell you if the Senate is going to pass the bill, but I can show you how to play!

The different ways to play Keno are seemingly infinite, but I'm 'willing to bet' that the Keno game that may ultimately come to be played in The Granite State will be just like the model that they use in Michigan.

It's a buck to play. Pick 10 numbers from 1 - 80. They pick 22 numbers. If you match 5 or more numbers you win. The more numbers you match the more you win.

One thing I like about Keno is that you CAN win for losing. If you fail to pick any numbers, you win $5!

It'll be interesting to see if this comes to pass and I'll finally be able to play this game without having to watch it on a closed circuit channel in my fleabag Vegas motel room! AND it's for a great cause!

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