It's madness I say! Well, just inconsistent. To be honest I'm very jealous of an inspection sticker that I keep seeing around the Granite State and I want one bad!

Train Images
Train Images

You are looking at the last example of the old school square sticker that graced the windshield of every car I've owned since 1991.

Are They Back?

On three occasions now I have seen the classic style NH inspection sticker and I gotta have it. It's a beautiful shade of hunters orange.

I may be 'misremembering' this but I think that was THE first color that I ever had, purchased with money that I earned washing dishes at Jimmy Jones Locker.

The inspection stickers have been very inconsistent since they switched to the rectangular shape a couple years ago. The 2020 version is still rectangular and appears to only show one large number for the month and not the year.

For over thirty years that aesthetically pleasing solid square would proclaim your birth month with an understated savoir fair.

I must consult my team of fine mechanics to see how I can acquire one this September!

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