It was so much fun to talk to NH Lottery's Maura McCann about tonight's 600 MILLION Dollar Mega Millions Jackpot and a few common Granite State myths about winning the lottery.

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Justin Sullivan

You have a better chance of winning with a 'Quick Pick' than using birthdays and 'lucky numbers'


I love this myth because, according to Maura, there IS a bit of truth to it!

Statistically speaking, there are more jackpot winners from "Quick Picks" or "Easy Picks" because the vast majority of people let the machine choose their numbers randomly.

People who select 'Lucky Numbers' and/or 'Birthdays' aren't less likely to win, it's just that many more people choose the convenience of automatic selection.

People from NH's North Country NEVER WIN


And I had NEVER heard this one!

Maura said that she hears it all the time and said that it is very much a myth.

In fact, a MILLION DOLLAR MEGA MILLIONS winning ticket was just sold in North Stratford NH.

Where is that?

A little south of Tinkerville.

I now know that because Tinkerville is on the map and North Stratford isn't! You can basically throw a rock into Canada from there so, that completely dispels that myth out of hand.

The people at the Lottery know you won before you do


You hear so many stories of people checking their tickets on their coffee break the next morning at work or sometimes weeks later.

Maura knows that a NH retailer has sold the big one around Midnight that night! As NH Lottery Marketing director, she gets an official call from lottery headquarters confirming a Granite State JACKPOT.

That is so cool!

As we say here on the audio, you can't win if you don't play!

Good Luck!

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