I was very surprised by New Hampshire.

To celebrate Halloween, here are the spookiest urban legends for ME, NH and Massachusetts, according to a story in Reader's Digest: 

Maine:  The Seguin Island Lighthouse

In the 1800's, the caretaker of Sequin Island Lighthouse and his wife were the only two people living on the small piece of land.  They became bored, so the caretaker bought a piano so his wife could play.  (no details on how they got the piano on the island, but whatever.)  Trouble is, she only knew ONE song.  She should have faked knowing a few more because the repetition of the same song over and over drove the husband to take an ax and chop his wife and her piano to bits.  He then killed himself.


New Hampshire:  Mount Chocorua

This one was a new one to me:  Mount Chocorua, in the White Mountains was named after a Native American Chief who lived in the 1700's and left his son with the Campbell family while he went away for "business."  While the Chief's son was in the Campbell's care, he died.  As revenge, the Chief killed the man's wife and kids.  The surviving Campbell chased Chocorua to the top of a mountain where he shot the Chief.  Before the Chief died, he placed a curse upon the land to inflict suffering and death on anyone who tries to live there or drink from its rivers.  Oh my.


Massachusetts:  Homestead of Sheriff Corwin

No surprise here.  Salem, Massachusetts was the home of Sheriff Corwin, the most infamous, brutal interrogator of the accused witches.  His torturous ways earned him the name, "The Strangler."  Many people say that today, when you visit the place where he died, they can feel his hands pressing down on their necks when they invade his space.

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