Apparently, New England is a hotbed for the very rare and very stinky 'Titan Arum', better known as 'The Corpse Flower', because of it's rotten stench. Aren't we lucky.

Titan Arum Or "Corpse Plant" Blooms At US Botanic Garden
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According to WHDH 7 News - Boston, The Franklin Park Zoo is thrilled because of the recent blooming of 'Fester', their Corpse Flower.

It's native to Indonesia but endangered in the wild. They bloom quite rarely too, usually 7 to 15 years elapse before you'll see them in their full glory.

The Granite State is also home to a 'Titan Arum', you'll find it in Hanover.

And THIS is why I think NH's 'Corpse Flower' has got it ALL over 'Fester'.

'Morphy' lives up in Dartmouth at their Life Sciences Greenhouse. It's only 17 years old and has bloomed TWICE in under 4 years, first in 2016 and then again in 2018.

It's time lapse video gives the very best example of what one can expect to see, instead of the typical stock footage of people making dramatic disgusted faces.

These things are HUGE. Morphy towers at over seven and a half feet tall. I don't think you get the true dimensions whenever you see it on video.

When people think 'flower' they most likely think of something you can easily fit as a centerpiece on your kitchen table. Morphy looks like something you'd see trying to gobble up the crew of the Milleneum Falcon on the Forest Moon of Endor.

I will say that having the disgusted expressions being replaced with masked faces adds a comedic twist to the blooming of 'Fester'. You've got to give it the edge of comic timing if this is a true side by side comparison.

But I think in sheer size and bloom cycle? Morphy reigns supreme!

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