Normally, I'd say that the unbelievably loud call of this little bird is one of my favorite sounds of summer. Yet, this year, there seems to be so many of them, I'm wondering if this is too much of a good thing.

The phrase 'seem to be' is written because you hear this little guy as clear as a bell but you can rarely see him. Their high pitched and repetitive call can be heard from a great distance away.

Their common refrain is categorized as sounding like 'Teacher Teacher Teacher' but I think it sounds more like 'chee ch chee ch chee ch chee'. As much as I've listened, I just can't hear 'Tea'.

I've never seen one up close alive. Back a few years ago, one of them crashed into my Nana's picture window and died and I was stunned, (not as stunned as it was), at how tiny it was.

Judging from how many I've been hearing lately, I think that this might finally be the year I catch a glimpse of the elusive Ovenbird.

I've also recently discovered something about this warbler. When many of them are calling at the same time? It is a far less pleasant sound than just one. It's brutal.

I'm hoping that this is just due to a later mating season and they're letting their loud voices be heard more frequently.

According to a few sources, the mating season is usually over by June and their territorial screaming will stop within a couple of weeks.

I'm certainly keeping my fingers crossed that that is the case.

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