Yesterday, the National Weather Service sent our Snow Squall warnings via cell phones for severe weather here on the Seacoast at 5:15 pm, 6 & 7 pm.

CBS News says that we weren't the only area to experience severe weather yesterday.  Parts of the Northeast experienced similar weather.

Multiple warnings for the brief bursts of heavy snowfall were issued throughout the region in states including Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Ohio.......  The warning cited "a line of dangerous snow squalls" moving east through the region at 40 miles per hour at 4:25 p.m., and cautioned that "snow may melt on road surfaces and refreeze after sunset."

My cell phone did NOT receive the warnings, but my husband's did.  I'm sure there is a simple setting on my phone that I have to set to "ON," or something, but I think I'm going to keep things the way they are.  I've found that the less I know about potential dangers, the better off I am.


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