According to a new study by MOVE.ORG, The Granite State is near the very top of a list of States whose residents pay DEARLY on their electric bill.


And we're not the only New England state to make the Top 6 either. Both Rhode Island and Connecticut pay some of the highest electric bills in the nation.

New Hampshire pays an average of FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SEVEN DOLLARS per month!

This certainly puts my following rant in perspective.

Personally, I've never seen anything in my life experience, explode exponentially like the cost of electricity.

I only started paying 'Lectrick' as we call it here in NH, back in 2006 and in those twelve years the cost has more than doubled!

I can remember being upset in the Summer when I had the window unit AC cranking out snowballs and the bill hit above $35.

Now $35 is merely the square root of my bill.

If this trend continues, people could easily pay $1000 a month in the next ten years.


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