If you're going out to a restaurant this weekend, you'll have to dine 6 feet away from everyone else's table.  But, as of October 1, tables can be closer together, if they have barriers up, according to a story from the Union Leader.

The report cites Governor Chris Sununu as saying:

We are very confident we can move forward with this model in a very safe manner.... People are up, they are standing together, usually within six feet of one another.  I think it’s a small sacrifice to ask

Restaurants have been fighting for change of the current rules for social distancing for a while saying that some would not survive with the colder weather coming, says the report.

Governor Sununu will appear in Dover today at Newick's Lobster House with several other restaurant owners and the barriers will be on display, according to this report.

The Governor will also be at Flight Coffee at 10:30am.

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