The passion for one particular Chex Mix piece is trending throughout much of the online world, while I, on the other hand, could take it or leave it. According to our Shark survey, our listeners are just as passionate about it, if not more! What is it?


The Rye Chip

The six basic elements of 'Chex Mix' are Mini Breadsticks, Circle Pretzels, Square Pretzels, Rye Chips, Corn Chex and Wheat Chex.

People were asked in an unofficial national survey which did they prefer the most and which did they dislike?

People love The Rye Chip above all else.

Nearly half of Shark listeners fall in line with the national trend and agree that the rye chip is king of the mix with nearly 50% approval rating.

Rye chips and Chex. Just threw away a finished bag Full of pretzels and mini-breadsticks. - Linda

Not only does our listener Linda specify her favorite half of the options, she has no time for the pretzels and mini-breadsticks AT ALL.

According to this article in, The Mini-Breadstick is the most maligned of the sextet.

And only ONE person in the entire Shark's comment section picked 'The Mini-Breadstick' as their favorite. THANK YOU AMBER!

I find this lack of popularity troublesome.

My favorite chex mix is when my Ma or Nana make the home spun variety for Christmas. And what is my favorite piece of that 'chex mix'? The La Choi crunchy noodles. It's the home made equivalent of the Mini-Breadstick!

Once again my taste is deemed unpopular according to the national and local opinion groups!

I must feel solace that I DO agree with so many that have trumpeted the savory flavor of Worcestershire Sauce. And that calms me considerably.

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