I made a gigantic life decision and am taking this one home. I need advice.

Train Images
Train Images

With the majority of employees at The Bob Fuller Media Center working from home, several plants in the office are in need of care.

I will say this about the little sansavieria, he is quite photogenic, because he is really sickly looking.

A couple days ago, Sarah watered it and its overall appearance has improved somewhat, but it is still withered and weak.

One website I researched said that they prefer a very dry soil and like the indirect light of the western sun (?)

The fine folks at Miracle Gro suggest that it needs Cactus, Palm and Citrus mix.

My Nana owns one of these and the thing is like eight feet tall and extremely healthy so, I will call her when I get home, but any advice you can offer me will be much appreciated.

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