Why did the snapping turtle cross the road? This is NO JOKE. And you try to pick it up the wrong way, you will get bit and there's nothing SLOW about their bite.

Train Images
Train Images

In this year of 2020 it seems like more and more animals are sensing the lack of human presence and are feeling more confident than ever to roam about freely. I've seen more snapping turtles trying to cross the road this year than ever before.

While they're no match for a large tire rolling at 60 MPH, there is a humane way to get them out of trouble without feeling the jaws clamp down on your hand, or worse, your face!

This method is something that I've never tried before and is a low maintenance and quick transport technique that gets both creatures (you and the turtle) to where they're going, and that right soon!

I always have an old jacket or shirt in my car, so I will try this next time.

The way he picks it up is both humane AND snap and claw free. You could transport it in a card board box or plastic bin to the nearest river or stream and there you go!

The reason this is happening is because the turtles are laying their eggs and this season will stop no later than the end of July.

And if you don't believe that a snapping turtle will ruin your day if your hands aren't in the proper place? Feel free to watch the guy in the below video get bit repeatedly.

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