It's difficult to explain to a non-bettor, But I'm going to try! Betting on football is such great entertainment. In this article I hope to explain why there will continue to be a significant jump in sports gaming revenue here in The Granite State.

Ethan Miller Getty Images
Ethan Miller Getty Images

Why is it that football brings about a significant increase in revenue at Sportsbooks in NH?

Well, I can only compare it to what I know. Las Vegas!

Football weekends in Las Vegas are a sight to behold. Normally, from Monday through Friday at 8am, any Sin City Sportsbook resembles a ghost town.

The people that cashed their tickets on the late games have long since passed out. There is always at least one attendant working a window and they're genuinely amazed that somebody other than them is awake at that unseemly hour.

On the weekends?

It's a completely different scene.

Honest to goodness at around 6AM they set up banking corrals.

Yes, folks and those red velvety ropes stretch out five or six tiers, all packed with people hoping that this will be the afternoon they finally strike it rich. And some do!

After just a minute of bets, you can enjoy College Football from Noon until Midnight and on Pro Football Sunday? 1pm until after 11pm.

There's nothing like a full slate of football games to make you envision a five team parlay and then? Sit down in front of all five games simultaneously! I find that football has the perfect pace to enjoy your sports bets.

Not as hectic as basketball and nowhere near as slow or lacking scoring like hockey.

It's a perfect sports to bet on and the numbers will continue to dictate that fact!

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