Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But here are the three spring migration birds you can see in The Granite State that will make your heart 'flutter'.

1. Scarlet Tanager

Though I haven't seen one yet this year, I have heard from very reliable sources that this bird is back in the area!

It can be seen both high in trees or low in shrubs and is relatively approachable. The bright red color is almost orange in direct sunlight.

2. Indigo Bunting

These little guys have a couple secrets when it comes to their plumage. They can hide in plain sight and appear to be a grackle or starling if they're standing in the shadows. In direct sunlight though? A brilliant and iridescent blue. When they return in the fall? They resemble a grayish cowbird.

3. Baltimore Oriole

These are the most common birds to see of the 'Big 3' of this post. They have made this list though for a couple reasons.

Firstly, the female of the species looks quite similar to the male (female tanagers and buntings are drab and dull) AND their nests are ingeniously built hanging baskets unlike any other that I've ever seen.

Be on the lookout!

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