In under 100 seconds, NH's Dr. Benjamin Chan answers an impressive amount of questions regarding the virus on this recent WMUR-TV interview.

This segment, in which Dr. Chan talks about what 'widespread' actually means, when you are most likely to spread the disease, as well as when someone previously infected is considered immune, is invaluable information, and I suggest you check it out.

Over the past few weeks, nothing has had the power to make my anxiety go away like listening to the most brilliant medical minds in our midst relaying FACTS.

Not phrases infused with fear to garner more attention or perhaps, ratings. Not the terrifying uneducated opinions that I can't help but overhear on the now rare occasions when I'm at the grocery store or laundromat.

Quite frankly, sometimes I wish that social distancing guidelines would recommend 60 - 80 feet away from people so I'd be out of earshot.

I wish there were more interview sessions like this with Dr. Chan because it helps to calm my nerves.

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