Another reason to love New Hampshire.  Read on, my friend.

Fourth graders from Caanan Elementary School in ..... Caanan, recommended that the "NH Red Chicken" as the State's Official poultry, according to an AP article on US News and World Report.  Can you believe that the school actually took the steps to create a bill and get it in front of the NH Senate and they passed the bill!  Now, it heads to the Governor for his signature.  I can't imagine that Gov. Chris Sununu wouldn't sign the bill.  I mean, really.  If you veto 4th graders, isn't that some sort of moral crime?

In the article, the fourth graders say that the chickens are intelligent, which I really hope isn't the case.  It's the Catholic guilt I carry about eating something that KNOWS it's going to be dinner.  I really hate that idea and I certainly could NEVER be a butcher.  After all, I had a cow named after me once in Washington, Maine.  I hear she was a very good milker.  SO, if chickens are intelligent, how could I go on with my poultry-rich diet every day?  I would have to lie to myself again about how they are not smart and don't realize how delicious they are.

In other poultry news:  According to another AP article in US News and World Report, the NH Legislature is considering criminalizing trespassing chickens.  But that's a story for another day.


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