Back in 2005, Ronald MacDonald of Manchester made headlines around the world when he allegedly robbed a Wendy's at which he was employed. You won't believe where his name 'popped up' now!

The Victory Park Baseball Bat Brawl

As with any news story dealing with crime, details are still developing at this moment but apparently there was one heck of a melee at Victory Park in Manchester yesterday.

VIA - Manchester NH Police Department
VIA - Manchester NH Police Department

According to The Union Leader and WMUR-TV, six people were arrested for rioting after they were identified by police. Video surveillance was used to ID these suspects.

The man at the top left of the six mugshots is identified as being Ronald MacDonald, 35 of Manchester.

Though it IS possible that TWO separate men from Manchester (with the same age) are BOTH named Ronald MacDonald? I am inclined to believe that this is the same guy from the world famous 2005 story.

Ryan Albright, 23, was charged with first degree assault as he was the alleged baseball bat wielder.

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