Will they or won’t they go back to school as we know it this Fall?  That’s the question on everyone’s mind.

According to fosters.com, a survey to parents and teachers from the state’s school reopening task force was responded to by more than 56,000. Those who responded were split on whether children can successfully social distance.

The concept of whether or not children can social distance may be a driving factor as to if they will return to the classroom or continue with virtual learning.

The survey was sent out to assist the task force in completing guidance outlines for the state’s school reopening plan, Fosters stated.

Turns out that parents were much more optimistic that their children would follow social distancing guidelines than teachers.

According to reporting from fosters.com, 20% of parents felt their children in kindergarten through 5th grade would social distance.  That is sharply off the 8% opinion of teachers.

I don’t know about you, but I always thought my kids were better behaved in school than what the teacher’s reported.  Not that any of my kids were bad, I just always believed better in my kids, but in reality, the teachers were with my kids for a lot longer during the day.

All of us as parents have had to have tough talks with our kids about danger, like the talk about drugs or underage drinking but the toughest talks I have had with my youngest is the importance of social distancing and not hanging out with friends.

I can’t imagine having that conversation with a 5-year-old.  Especially a 5-year-old that hasn’t seen their friends in a long time. Eight in 10 parents wanted their kids back in school, according to the survey, Fosters reported, but parents were spilt on if it should happen or not.

One thing we can all agree on is that it’s a tough time to be a parent in 2020.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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