If you're going to do a weigh-in, you might as well do it in front of hundreds of strangers in Las Vegas where big red numbers inform the crowd of your tonnage, right?

Train Images
Train Images

This photo was taken of my weight in December of 2018 at The Heart Attack Grille in Downtown Las Vegas and, other than at the Doctor's Office, it's really the only scale that I worry about.

Last August, (a mere 8 months later) I was horrified to see an eighteen pound gain upon this scale. I did not take a picture of the 321, but rest assured the round of applause I received from the crowd will be an indelible memory for decades.

If you weigh 350 or more, you eat for free at The Heart Attack Grill. This is NOT a goal of mine. However this scale does factor greatly as inspiration to keep my weight at a level that will NOT make a crowd of onlookers cheer.

I promise an up to date scale picture when I return in March.

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