Governor Sununu's office has issued a call for help for the NH Veteran's Home in Tilton, NH.

The pandemic is taking its toll on everyone, including those who have served our Country.  They are looking for not only nurses, but also non-professional positions like laundry workers, food service workers and building maintenance, according to WMUR. 

According to a report from WMUR:  Governor Sununu's office released a statement to try to get the home the staffing that it so desperately needs:

The team at the Veterans Home is doing an incredible job, often working overtime to ensure no gaps in coverage until these positions are filled, and should be commended. As staffing shortages remain a challenge nationwide, the state will continue to provide resources and assist all facilities to help provide the care of their residents.  Our office remains in daily contact with the Veterans Home to assess their needs and will continue to pursue clinical support from the VA.

If you think you might be interested in a position at the home, you will have to go through a character and background check.  If you would like to apply for either a professional or para-professional position, email with specific skills to

The staff is doing double shifts, so if you ever had an urge to help our nations aging military, now is the time to apply.  Even if you don't think that you have any skills that they might be looking for, it's worth a shot, even if you are not a nurse.  You may be just the person they are looking for.

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