Instead of delving into the heavy issues of 'Town Meeting Day', we decided to let NH voters choose their favorite Frito Lay Classic snack. The results are in!

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After just a couple hours, we already garnered 29 serious votes (and 3 people that sent jokes about eating healthy).

And the winner is Cheetos!

TWELVE people have agreed with me and chose Cheetos! The photo above is my favorites ranked from left to right.

Fritos and Cool Ranch Doritos came in tied for second with 5 votes a piece.

Original Nacho Cheese Doritos posted a respectable score of 4 votes.

This particular group of Granite Staters didn't care for taters!

Lays Classic only grabbed 2 votes and Ruffles only managed one vote from the crowd.

Here's Sarah's total snack ranking from 1 to 6.

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Sarah's Picks

Sully went with Original Doritos as the champ and much like the electorate, ranked the potato chip options dead last.

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Karen Kiley's Picks

A very rebellious choice, our news correspondent 'Ruffle'd some feathers by choosing the least popular snack as her fave. Her comments on Cool Ranch have been omitted due to the editor's discretion.

In the interest of a fair election, all three broadcaster's picks were made BEFORE the general public voted.