The only real reason to watch DWTS is no longer hosting the show. To say that I'm disappointed by this is a tremendous understatement.

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Well, wouldn't you know it, in this year of the apocalypse, Tom Bergeron was just given the boot.

Seacoast folks may not realize just how local he is. Born in the Land of 102-1 (Haverhill, MA), it is very common to see him out and about in Portsmouth and grocery shopping along the Route 125 corridor. If you've ever met him, you know that he is just as cool and funny and friendly as you would hope he'd be.

I've always joked over the last few years that with the star quality of the contestants, they should change the name to 'Dancing With Who?' and now, the 'Why' as in, why I watch, has been 'voted out'. Sadly these decisions aren't determined by viewers dialing in, because if they were, I'm sure this never would have happened.

I hope Nana won't mind that I am never watching that show again.

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