You don't have to travel to Bangkok for the best wonton soup on Earth, just head to Route 4!

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Payao's Thai Cookin'

It's official address is 2 Cooper Hill Road but it is right on Route 4 in Northwood.

The veggie egg roll I had was terrific, the pad thai dish was outstanding , but the soup? Oh Good Heavens and Great Caesars GHOST! what a soup it was.

It's the largest portion of soup I can ever recall being served in a restaurant and you eat it with a spoon that resembles a ladle.

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Just a perfect blend of hearty vegetables and spices with large perfectly made wontons folded throughout. Did I mention it was perfect?

An order of this goes for $6.35 and it's worth every penny.

Unlike the portions, the place itself is quite small as there are only 2 booths and 3 tables at Payao's, but they do provide take out.

When I used to think of Northwood, I thought of antiques. NOW my every thought is focused squarely on the soup at Payao's!