Josh Judge is a well-known meteorologist here in NH for WMUR.  Many times, he and Amy Coveno, weekend anchor, will work together on a Saturday.  You may have heard that this past Saturday, Amy brought in her dog, Bella, in to the studio.  While Josh was doing the weather, LIVE, Bella decided she was going to waltz in front of the green screen while Josh was doing the weather.  It was a great moment that Josh handled beautifully!

This unexpected moment from our very own small, but mighty NH, has been covered by:

and countless other smaller sites all over the internet.

Bella, Josh and Amy, you have gone viral!

Before Josh was a meteorologist, he was a radio guy who worked here on the seacoast.  Most recently wrote a Christmas book for kids called, "Be Nice To The Weather Guy."


Amy and Josh are both great broadcasters, as is everyone at WMUR.  My short stint as "the traffic lady" was a fun run and I got to know them a little bit.  They made me feel like I was part of a special team and, in fact, that's what they are!

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