70 degrees yesterday and in direct sunlight, this snowbank in my driveway didn't even trickle. I'm sure someone out there has a monster bank that can put mine to shame.

Train Images
Train Images

My folks have a dirt driveway that is used primarily for snow storage in the winter months. It is known locally as 'The Rock of Gilbralter'.

The most important element in the persistence of these Granite State snow banks is to have a great deal of shade. As you can see from my example, the sun never directly hits upon this corner next to the short stone wall.

In 2015 (The Year Of Winter Storm Juno) this corner of snow lasted until May. It's the most convenient place for the plow to throw all the frozen precipitation.

Believe it or not, my neighbor Skip's tiger lilies bloom ever stronger with each subsequent spring regardless of how high the iceberg.

Send in your monster snowbank pics!

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