For those of you that do a daily check of, you know that the last few days have been extremely unpredictable.

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Four days ago, the number of active cases of Covid-19 in NH was at around 6,400. The next day, active cases plummeted over 500 cases to 5,800. Just one day later, an all time high just shy of 7,000 active cases and then yesterday, it dropped a staggering 1,500 cases to around 5,500.

Apparently, this is all due to time off during the Holiday which is completely understandable and well deserved by the fine Health Care statisticians that have been keeping us informed since Day One (or Active Case One) back in March.

The thing is, I have been checking in with those updates, each and every evening at around 6:15pm for the last ten months. And I've become accustomed to them swinging no more than 200 cases one way or another. That consistency has spoiled me to a certain degree.

I use those daily updates as a sort of affirmation or warning index with each 24 hours. If the active case number has gone up 200? My handwashing and social distancing becomes that much more diligent.

If the number has gone down? It gives me a feeling of pride that me and my fellow Granite Staters have been very careful to limit the spread of this hideous disease.

When the last few days have featured spikes and drops of fifteen hundred, I really don't know what to think or how to act. Adding to the anxiety is the ever present prediction that 'The Christmas Wave' will be far worse than any spike we have seen thus far.

I guess I just need to focus on the basics for the next few days until the statistical picture becomes clear again and the routine is restored once everyone returns back from the Holidays.

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