The opioid Crisis in New Hampshire is just heartbreaking.  People lose their lives to addiction on a daily basis, but what happens to the addict's children?  Sometimes, they end up at Spaulding Youth Center.

WMUR's Amy Coveno reported on the sad situation at the Spaulding Youth Center in Northfield, New Hampshire.  In the story, the CEO of the Center, Susan Ryan, talks about how the kids of these addicts have seen their parents die and get revived, sometimes more than once.  How heartbreaking to think about a child going through that kind of trauma.

In the story, Amy talks to a couple of the boys who have been there for quite some time and they just seem so, so sad.  Thank goodness they have the Spaulding Youth Center, but the staff is stretched thin and they need training to deal with some of the behavioral circumstances they encounter.

A ton of funding goes toward the addict themselves, but in the story, Ryan says that at least a portion of the funding should go to the children of the addicts.

AND, there is so much coverage about pets that need adoption, but why don't we hear about the children that need a forever home?

If you can help at all, contact the Spaulding Youth Center.  

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