Sure, New Hampshire's vaccine distribution is at the top of the list and we're number one with adults who have received at least one shot. But this latest COVID-19 statistic really has me doing cartwheels.

Coronavirus Test Station

New Daily Active Cases For April 26th - 114

To say that this is a significant update is a huge understatement, in fact, this stat for new daily active cases is as low as it has been since November 2nd of 2020!

The great news from yesterday's update doesn't end there.

Total Number Of Active Cases - 2,717

This is as low as that number has been since March 29th and hospitalizations are down to 86 after a troubling spike the last couple of weeks.

The phrase, 'We're not out of the woods yet.', is quickly becoming my all time LEAST favorite cliche.

Last summer, I thought for sure when cases fizzled to under 300, that with our collective knowledge of airborne droplets, social distancing and masking measures, cases would never again spike dramatically.

But by January we were looking at almost 900 new cases daily and close to 7,000 active cases overall.

And when that 'Holiday Surge' finally curved downward to under 2,000 in February, the vaccination effort would surely prevent another surge.

Wrong again.

Call me naïve, but with more than 71% of adult Granite Staters having at least one shot, I have to think the road to another surge will FINALLY be a tough one to travel for that hideous virus.

Keep in mind, I've been wrong twice before, but this time it feels different.

Hopefully, the good trends will continue and those seeming inescapable 'woods' will finally be behind us.

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