If you are having trouble feeding your cats and dogs, the NHSPCA in Stratham wants to help.  They are having a food share on Sunday from 11a - 2pm at 104 Portsmouth Avenue in Stratham.

I spoke with Dianna Currier, Manager of the Adoption Program for the NHSPCA who told me their primary goal is to keep families and their pets together.

Our goal is to keep families and their pets together during these trying times and provide pet food to them because we care.  We found that we helped over 30 families with pet food from the food share in December, so, we're doing it again on Sunday 11a - 2pm.  We have people stay in their cars and ask them to please wear their mask.  We put the food right in their car for them.  "Greater Good" is the organization, along with other local people, helping us out with donations.  We have both canned and dry food for dogs and cats.
Dianna stressed to me that the NHSPCA never wants a family to go without food for their cats and dogs.  She said that's why the NHSPCA is there - to help.
Before the pandemic, I used to visit the NHSPCA on my way home.  I can't currently have cats, so I used to pretend that the ones that they had were mine and just more aloof than normal cats.  I would also visit the dogs, but admittedly, the dogs were harder to visit.  Cats don't really care if you leave them alone, but a dog is different.  Dogs love their humans and want to be with us all the time.  The ones they have at the NHSPCA get the best treatment!  I've seen it first hand.

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