My favorite salad dressing has finally come to Maine.

(Photo By Nikki Cruz/TSMG)
(Photo By Nikki Cruz/TSMG)

Litehouse dressing is the bomb-diggity, especially avocado ranch with bacon. (Do people still say bomb-diggity?) I was very disappointed when I moved here and could not find my fave dressing in local stores… so much so that I sent an email to the company, asking them why I couldn't find their products here. It only makes sense that in the land of lighthouses, there would be "Litehouse" salad dressing, right? Exactly!

Salads are dead to me without this sinfully delicious fusion of three distinct flavors -- ranch, avocado and bacon. The bacon flavor is not overpowering. It's just enough to make my salad more fulfilling. Plus, I use it as a dip for other veggies, along with pretzels, chips and other snacks.

By the way, I'm not being paid an endorsement fee to write this blog, so you know it's got to be good.

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