Though much of the hoopla surrounding this year's Rock Hall ceremonies has revolved around the never ending Kiss drama, Nirvana may be set to claim the night for themselves with the help of a special guest.

It has been unclear all along as to exactly what, if anything, the surviving members of Nirvana planned to do upon their induction. A big clue may have just been given via the Foo Fighters' Facebook page.

A caption-less photo was just posted on the Foos page that shows a drum kit, a bass and two guitars, posed and ready for action. One of the two guitars is unmistakably that of Joan Jett. This makes sense. Jett has performed with the Foo Fighters backing her in the past, including a stop on Late Night with David Letterman in 2011. Also, many years back, Jett produced the debut album by the Germs, that featured a young Pat Smear.

Guess we will have to wait until the induction ceremony on Thursday to find out for sure!


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