As 'Your Home For New England Patriots Football', we here at The Shark have come up with two possible solutions that we want full credit for (if they're ever selected.)

Dave Broberg

Apparently, 'Punt Returns' result in an alarming amount of head injuries and, according to this Washington Post article, the NFL is seeking a safer alternative to relinquishing the ball on 4th Down.

Sarah's Solution:

We're all adults here. Let's agree that the 35 yard line is decent enough field position for any capable offense and non-violently place the ball there when the team in possession decides to give up the ball.

Train's Solution:

You can't hit the Quarterback anymore, THEREFORE, you can at least make him earn his millions by throwing the ball instead of punting it. This play will be signified in a similar manner to 'The Fair Catch' and will not be returned.

It would be kind of cool to see Rivers or Brady 'huck that thing wicked far!', if they're on their own 5 yard line and see how many yards they can pick up.

Do you have any better ideas? Let us know!

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