His name is Herb and he cannot be stopped, his determination to overtake my workout record has gone on for years and now he has done just that. Resistance is futile.

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From what I can gather, Herb is either 86 or 87 years old and he kicks maximum @#$ at Fit Body Transformations in Kingston.

I'd have a better chance of determining his age if he actually slowed down for two seconds and talked to me but he'd much rather go full bore on a suspension drill, some sort of highly difficult plank series or maybe even levitate for good measure.

I don't even think he realized that I WAS in front of him on the big board of visits, I get the feeling he cares not for numbers on a grease board, but only for excelling at an elite level of physical fitness.

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You'll notice that right behind me is Judy W., she is Herb's wife and can be seen in the picture standing to the right of Herb.

This is an ideal photo of them both, exhibiting perfect form while not kowtowing to the post modern customs of social media posing. They care not for 'likes' but only true results, and within a few days I'll be metaphorically staring at both of their backs when Judy also overtakes me on the Visits board.