In case you win $1000 with the Shark Bank, here's a list of some absurd things you can buy.


The has compiled a list of some odd things you might buy for $1000.

  1. Go to Thailand and visit Bangkok. In Bangkok you could spend one month in a 5 star hotel for $900 – $1000. That includes accommodation for two people in a luxurious 5 star hotel room or studio/apartment.

  2. Take up smoking and travel to India. In India a pack of Marlboro cigarettes costs $1.74. With a budget of $1000 you can buy up to 561 packets of Marlboro in India.

  3. Drink 2,000 beers in the Philipines. In the Philippines you can buy one beer for $0.50, so a budget of $1000 will cover you for a total of 2000 beers.

This list does require some travel, but if you spend wisely, you can budget for airfare.

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