There are two of them that have remained in my brain long after the existence of the companies that used them and one that makes absolutely no sense.

YouTube VIA jlehmann Official Channel
YouTube VIA jlehmann Official Channel

New England Telephone.... would get stuck in my head all of the time when I lived in West Virginia...of course they had no idea what I was whistling or singing lol - Trish from Facebook

Wow, did Trish hit a bullseye with that one! We're the one for you New England,  New England Telephone. They have been 'disconnected' for 20 years now but that jingle remains strong. WARNING: If you've never heard it, you may not be able to unhear it.

Who do you call when your windshield's BUSTED? You don't call Giant Glass anymore because they were acquired by Safelite 7 years ago. The tones of 'Safelite Repair, Safelite Replace' may be a formidable jingle, but in my opinion, it stands in the shadow of the mighty GIANT.

1-800-54-Giant is ingrained in my brain deeper than even 867-5309.

A local man by the name of Andy Vallario wrote that jingle and has an impressive 'jingleography' as I can recite every one of his 'greatest hits'.

This isn't even a jingle, but when 'Karen' sings 'I can walk like a penguin' in the vintage New England Aquarium ad above, my toddler aged cerebral cortex pounced on that strange melody back in the late 70's and I've never been able to stop singing it.

FOR NO REASON. ALL THE TIME. please make it stop.

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