Chances are, you will see one of these BEAUTIFUL birds in your own backyard this Spring because they have been seen everywhere. Just don't make this common mistake.

The Red Bellied Woodpecker

I don't blame you for saying 'Hey! A red headed woodpecker!' because those are the characteristics. And you'll notice that the belly doesn't have even a speck of red upon it.

I just saw one yesterday (in the pouring rain) on a tree in back of The Bob Fuller Media Center here in Dover and I always make the same mistake.

The thing is, The Red Headed Woodpecker looks quite different and doesn't commonly appear in New Hampshire.

Just a friendly warning from a bit of a bird nerd. Make sure you know the distinction!

There's nothing that a snooty birdwatcher would love to do more than look down his or her beak to some unknowing amateur who DARES to make this all too easy error.


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