In a sports year that has been filled with nothing but uncertainty, it's great to hear that one of my favorite sports traditions, The Triple Crown, will happen! And it'll be unlike any other in history.

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Belmont Stakes - Saturday, June 20th

Kentucky Derby - Saturday, September 5th

Preakness Stakes - Saturday, October 3rd

Just in the last 24 hours, it was confirmed that The Belmont Stakes is scheduled for Saturday June 20th. That's only one month away!

Believe it or not, The Belmont Stakes is the oldest race of the Triple Crown. 'The Sport of Kings' had it's championship race just to the east of 'Queens' on Long Island going back to 1867.

The Preakness Stakes wasn't run until 1873 and then, The Kentucky Derby came into being just two years after that.

This 2020 schedule may look a little out of whack but I love it and here's why.

The usual schedule will feature The Derby on the first day in May and then the next two legs of The Triple Crown are scheduled only 14 days after each other.

In my humble opinion, this isn't enough time for the champion horse to get the proper amount of rest.

To make matters even worse, other horses that didn't run in the other races, can enter just one race on full rest.


This year will be the first time in over almost 150 years in which you can see what the champion horse will perform like with the proper amount of rest between races.

If I were a betting man, (haha), I'd wager that there will be a record smashed at either The Belmont or The Preakness this year.


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