Most New Englanders have probably visited one of the most haunted cities in America, without even knowing that it was one of the top haunted locations. Whether you visited in your own free time or took a school trip, one popular location in Massachusetts holds the title of being one of the most haunted cities.

A city with a dark history, that is filled with stores, restaurants, and museums may leave you with chills if you decide to go back.

I am talking about the city of Salem, MA. Salem, which is probably best known for the Salem Witch Trials, was ranked one of the top 10 most haunted cities in the United States by Travel and Leisure.

Year after year, tourists flock to Salem (especially during the Fall months), to learn more about the historic city. Many of us New Englanders, probably remember taking a school trip to the Salem Witch Museum to learn about the dark history that occurred.

However, it is because of this dark history that Travel and Leisure claim that Salem is most of the most haunted places in America.

So, who is actually known to haunt the city of Salem?

According to Atlas Obscura, one of the ghosts that are said to haunt the city is actually the first victim of the Witch Trials, Bridget Bishop. Bishop is rumored to haunt Lyceum Hall, which is now Turner's Seafood.

Another known haunted location is the Howard Street Cemetery. CNBC states that the cemetery is haunted by Giles Corey, who after being accused of witchcraft was tortured to death.

Interested in not only visiting some "ghosts"? Well, you can actually stay with some in Salem.

The Hawthorne Hotel, built in 1925, is rumored to be haunted. The hotel even holds seances and psychic readings on occasion. According to WCVB, two rooms in the Hawthorne Hotel are said to be the most haunted, rooms 621 and 325.

What happens in these rooms that have people claiming that they are haunted? Well, guests have claimed that they have heard water faucets turn on and off, as well as toilets flushing by themselves.

One Trip Advisor user even posted about their experience on the 6th floor. They state that they stayed in room 610 and started to experience "something odd immediately after turning off the lights around 11:00 p.m."

They claim that there was a loud noise in the room, which led them to believe that someone opened the door, however, the door was closed and no one was there. The user writes that nothing in the room fell and that the only way that they were able to recreate the sound was by "swinging the metal safety lock open really hard against the doorframe."

There is no denying that Salem, MA, is most likely haunted due to the horrific historical events that happened there.

I have never experienced anything during my visits to Salem, have you?

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