Turkeys are on the move, and New Hampshire needs a count for the annual Winter Flock Survey.

This is one of those times when you appreciate New Hampshire for the fact a turkey count is an actual news story. Big city, eat your heart out.

According to CBS Boston, The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is asking the public to report sightings of wild turkeys through March 31. Not to mislead, they aren't talking Wild Turkey Bourbon. 

Despite hundreds of reports, 486 total, the number of wild turkeys were down in 2019. In total, 9,833 birds were tallied, and officials report that number was down from the previous year. The 'polar coaster' is partially to blame, as a relatively small amount of snow keeps turkeys on the move and harder to count.

According to CBS Boston, those counting are asked to report the number of turkeys in the flock, where they are, the type of habitat the birds were observed in, and what the turkeys were feeding on.

There is currently an estimated 40,000 turkeys in the Granite State, according to CBS Boston.

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