I'm sure there are going to be hundreds of people who think their dog belongs on this list , HOWEVER, there is only room for FIVE. Besides, there's no way you can disagree with the dogs on this list once you see them for yourself.

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1. Finnbear

It's difficult to see how large this Newfoundland is just by looking at this picture. You can easily see how adorable he is and really, that's all that matters.

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2. Nigel

He's and English Setter and has the distinction of being the oldest dog on my Top 5 list. Nigel is 14 and really stood out to me because of his extremely chilled out attitude, he was the only dog in the crowd that acted as if he had seen it all before.

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3. Sierra (possibly Ciara)

This little lady was enjoying her bath at The Celebrity Dog Wash so much,  I figured I just had to capture this moment for the world to see. My deepest apologies to this charming Yorkshire Terrier as I forgot to ask how to spell her name.

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4. Leroy Brown

This chocolate lab is the athlete of the group, as he jumped in excess of 12 feet at The Seacoast Dock Dogs pool. Although his diving skills may be categorized as amateur, Leroy is a professional when it comes to posing for a picture.

5. Little Bits

It seemed I searched for hours looking for a St. Bernard and 'Little Bits' certainly was worth the journey. I hope she comes back next year as I'm currently negotiating a deal with Tito's Handmade Vodka in which she'll haul around a small barrel filled with liquid refreshment to the delight of thousands!

Thanks again to the 999 dogs that aren't on this list and the thousands of people that brought them to Hops & Hounds 2017 at The Raitt Farm in Eliot, ME. See you next year!