NAMI stands for National Association on Mental Illness.  Every state in America has a branch and NH is no exception.  Yesterday, NAMINH held it's annual walk to raise money and awareness for the organization and this year, they raised over $124 thousand dollars!

NAMI is a fantastic organization that helps not only people with mental illness, but also the families of someone afflicted with mental illness.  They have meetings all across the country for those who need to talk, who feel helpless and can't really talk to their families and friends for fear of judgement, a/k/a stigma.

In my opinion, many of the people who commit crimes in this country are the mis-judged mentally ill.  I believe, from the bottom of my heart, that people want love and acceptance.  No child dreams of growing up to become a criminal.  There are arguments for and against nature vs. nurture, but within those discussions, the need to be loved remains constant.

You don't even have to go as far as crime - there are people who are mentally ill who won't leave their house for some reason.  The families who love them are constantly worried for them.  It's not a happy place to be.  Every day, every minute, every hour, they are praying for their loved ones.

NAMI is there to help you and the person in your life that is suffering from mental illness.



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