The owners of the trucking company that owned the truck Volodymyr Zhukovskyy was driving in the crash that killed 7 motorcyclists in Randolph, New Hampshire, in 2019 have been indicted for falsifying driving logs, according to

One of the owners was arrested, and the other is still wanted by authorities, the article stated.

In the statement from the office of United States Attorney Andrew E. Lelling, per

It is further alleged that Dunyadar Gasanov instructed at least one Westfield Transport employee to falsify records, thereby exceeding the number of permissible driving hours, and then made a false statement to a federal inspector regarding the manipulation of recording devices that track drivers’ on and off duty hours in order to evade regulations.


Such a tragic story. If these statements are true, how could you live with yourself knowing that you falsified documents that could prove that mistakes were made? Wouldn't you think that if you could bring some sort of peace to the families of the 7 motorcyclists who were lost, you would do your best to do that even if it meant admitting your own mistakes?

I can't imagine having to re-live this tragedy over and over again if I was the surviving family member.

Not sure if you recall, but as if to add insult to injury, at the time of the crash, Zhukovskyy admitted that he used heroin and cocaine on the day of the crash, according to documents released by federal investigators, stated.

From everything that I know about this story, this guy should not have been behind the wheel.  The NBC Boston article states that the Trucking Company shut down and the owners could not be located.

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